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April 2016

No. 60

Christian Peace Making in African Conflicts - Millius Palayiwa

Conflict, refugees and religious freedom in the Middle East - Andy Dipper

Ending Gang Violence - Sheldon Thomas

Northern Ireland - CHristiatnity and the post-conflict realities - Philip Orr

The Babylonian Flood Story - An new tablet and an old one misrepresented - Alan Millard

October 2015

No. 59


A concise theory of Emergence - Jamin Hübner

Towards a Biblical Model of Intelligent Design - Denis Lamoureux


April 2015 No. 58

Scientific Insight into the Causes of Same-Sex Attraction - Eleanor Whiteway

Homosexuality: Biblical Insights - Terry Griffith

Homosexuality: A Rapidly Changing Society - Stephen Keyworth

Homosexuality: Pastoral Aspects - Simon Woodman

October 2014

No. 57


Darwinian Theological Insights: Evolutionary Theodicy and Evlutionary Psychology - Denis Lamoureux

Skin Diseases in the Biblical World - Terence Mitchel


April 2014

No. 56

Can a Multiverse Provide the Ultimate Explanation - Rodney Holder

Order and Emergence in Biological Evolution - Denis Alexander

When we went to see the End of the World - Malcolm Drummond

October 2013

No. 55

Towards an Intellectually Fulfilled Christian Theism - Part 1 Divine Creative Ation and Intelligent Design in Nature - Denis Lamoureux

Before the First Day - Duncan Vere

April 2013

No. 54

Children’s Spirituality and Christian Theology - Keith J.White

‘I was once alive apart from the law’ - John Pridmore

Ant and Sparrow in Child Theology - Haddon Wilmer

Book Reviews

October 2012

No. 53


The Last Meow: An Indeterminacy Argument for God's Existence, with a Further Glance at Schrodringer's Cat - John Warwick-Montgomery

Unreasoned atheism, unreasoned reality - Duncan Vere

Christian Apologetics - essay review - Reg Luhman

April 2012

No. 52


To translate or not to Translate: the Old Testament in Missionary Bible translation Strategy - Edwin Arthur

Old Testament Text beyond Qumran - David Instone-Brewer

Peter as a Translator of the Old Testament - Howard Marshall

October 2011

No. 51


God and the Multiverse; A response to Stephen Hawking - Rodney Holder

The Text of the Greek New Testament - T.C. Mitchell

The Background, context and public reception of 'The Mystery of the Last Supper' - Colin Humphreys

April 2011

No. 50


The Goodness, Wisdom and Patience of the Living God - Rev. Dr. Nigel Wright

Is God to Blame for Natural Disasters? - Rev. Dr. Ernest Lucas

Pain and Personal Transformation - Rev. Sally Nelson

October 2010

No. 49


Evolutionary Theory for the 21st Century Chruch Reflections on Dr. John Weaver's Paper - Terence C. Mitchell

Darwin: Bane or Blessing - Chris Knight

Another Look at Mature Creation - P.G Nelson

April 2010

No. 48


Medical Ethics - Playing God

Terence Mitchell, Charles Foster, Caroline Berry, Andrew Fergusson and Duncan Vere

October 2009

No. 47


Do Miracles Happen Today? - Bill Lees

Claimed Contemporary Miracles - Peter May

Making Ethical Decisions: Dualism and Personhood - Sally Nelson

October 2008

No. 45


New Testament Archaeology

Alan Millard, Peter Oakes and Bruce Winter

April 2008



Scientific Understanding and th point of the Universe - Keith Ward

Free Will in a Deterministic Universe - Peter G. Nelson

October 2007

No. 43


The Bible and Archaeology - K.A. Kitchen, A.R. Millard and T. Mitchell

October 2007



Christian Perspectivess on Pain - J. Warwick Montgomery, A. Morinan, R. Trycross and A. Goodhead


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